Holy Spider
Semiramis Award Nominee for Casting

“Holy Spider Shines Bright as Semiramis Award Nominee for Casting Excellence.”

Our contribution : Casting Direction –Zar Amir

Celebrating excellence, Holy Spider secures a coveted nomination for the 2023 Semiramis Award for Casting. Meticulously chosen by co-casting directors Hala Jarrah, Mohammad Kloob, and Saeed Nasiri, the stellar ensemble breathes life into characters, enriching the film’s narrative. A testament to exceptional casting artistry.


Nominations and Awards:

Excellence in Casting Nominee, Semiramis Award : Zar Amir Ebrahimi / Co-casting: Hala Jarrah, Mohammad Kloob, Saeed Nasiri | International Casting Directors Association 2023

Reviews: ICDA

Rotten Tomatoes : 83% – “An intensely stylish and appropriately troubling film, with stomach-churning murders and a pacy first half thats reminiscent of David Finchers Zodiac.” –Kevin Maher, Times UK

ScreenRant : Abbasi’s film is no easy watch, but it is a powerful entry in this subgenre that succeeds by making risky choices lesser works might have mismanaged.”

Variety : “Iranian Serial Killer Movie Holy Spider’ — Which Pushes Envelope With Nudity, Sex and Graphic Strangling Scenes — Stuns Cannes