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Established in 2019 in Paris, ALAMBIC PRODUCTION is a dynamic production company specialising in producing and showcasing creative works in various domains including cinema, audiovisual, multimedia, and digital arts. ALAMBIC stands as an expert of the Middle East region, with a strong emphasis on the cultural tapestry of Iran. Since its inception, it has forged international collaborations, especially ones originating from the region such as Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey, actively involved within the South Caucasus region, encompassing Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.



Through its collaborative endeavours and dedication to authenticity, ALAMBIC continues to shape the landscape of creative expression both regionally and globally. Led by a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of both Western and Middle Eastern cultures, ALAMBIC is driven by the strong desire of co-production, in order to unite diverse skills and to establish a network of creators and technicians capable of breathing life into authentic works celebrated for their originality, and diversity.




And Atelier

ALAMBIC’s activities are structured into these core components:

With PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT, it oversees the entire lifecycle of cinematic and audiovisual projects, managing their development from conception through to distribution. With its roster of seasoned professionals in document research, authors, cinema and animation technicians, and graphic designers, ALAMBIC has contributed its essential expertise to a diverse array of projects.

With a particular focus on CASTING, the company boasts an extensive database that showcases a diverse pool of talented Iranian, Afghan, Kurdish, and Turkish actors, within cinema and television professionals, both internationally and in their countries of origin. Furthermore, the company provides an exclusive access to a meticulously curated ARCHIVE of photos from Iran’s 70s to 2008, collected over the years of production. This unique resource offers insights into authentic ambiance, styles, and costumes in accordance with the specific time period of the film.

ALAMBIC offers a comprehensive array of services. ATELIER ALAMBIC operates as a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio. Functioning as a collaborator on a wide range of projects in cinema, music, visual arts, publication and event design, ensuring visually compelling and cohesive storytelling. Moreover, the company stands out in the field of SOUND services, providing expertise in music production and sound design, music post production, digital mix and mastering, sound editing and recording.